Statistics demonstrate that the number of people all over the world embracing plant-based diets is on the rise. In the U.S., for instance, the number of vegetarians has increased by 600% between 2014 and 2017. This, however, has not erased the concern many American vegetarians have when contemplating a great vacation destination along with their restricted diets. Here are five great vacation destinations that provide you full access to a vegetarian diet.

London, England

Vegetarian take away food at Borough Market, London
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Statistics show that the number of vegans in the U.K. has increased by close to 400% between 2006 and 2016. The U.K, especially London, has witnessed an explosion of vegetarian restaurants. London was the first city to exceed 100 vegetarian restaurants in 2017 and currently has at least 110 vegan spots within a 5-mile radius within the city.

London has a plethora of vegetarian friendly stalls, cafes, bakeries, and smoothie bars. Anywhere you are in London, you are never more than a stone’s throw from any plant-based product you desire. Some of the well-known vegetarian centers in London include PickyWops, the Temple of Hackney, and the award-winning 222.

Berlin, Germany

People eating at outdoor tables at Hackesche Hoefe, Berlin
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Berlin was named in 2015 as the New Vegetarian Capital in "Saveur"’s Good Taste Awards. The city has a reputation as an international vegetarian destination. The number of vegan and vegetarian events in Berlin keeps growing. Research shows that the number of vegan restaurants within a 5-mile radius throughout Berlin has increased to 65, and about 320 vegetarian and veggie-option restaurants are registered on Happy Cow.

In Berlin, it is a common practice for restaurants to display the word "vegetarian" visibly on their restaurant signs. As a vegetarian, you will find restaurants, clothing, and other products that meet your dietary and lifestyle requirements. Finding a vegetarian dish is easy in Berlin, as most Berliners understand the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan and vegetarian foods are available at grocery stores in Berlin. Wherever you stay, there is always a store nearby. Veganleben and Veganz are two excellent sources that provide information on store locations and online products in Berlin.

Gujarat, India

Steaming hot vegetarian dish
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Gujarat in India represents the friendliest top destination for vegetarians in the world. Based on research, about 30% of Indians follow a vegetarian diet. You can find vegetarian dishes of different varieties everywhere in North India. India philosophy dictates that every life is considered sacred. Therefore, followers of Jainism abstain from eating anything that contains meat. In India, it is mandatory for food sellers to indicate which of their products are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Due to the high population of vegetarians in India, you are assured to find products that fit your lifestyle.


Brunch food in Vancouver
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Canada is an impressive vacation destination for the vegetarian. Based on a study from Dalhousie University, 2.3 million Canadians are vegetarians. The figure translates to about 10% of the entire country’s population and an increase of over 200% since 2003.

Based on research by PETA, Vancouver ranked first in the list of vegetarian friendly cities in Canada. Large cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal offer vegetarians more dietary options compared to smaller cities or towns. In every city, there is an abundance of welcoming vegetarian restaurants, shops, and malls where you can always get vegetarian products.

New York, New York

Falafel sandwich in a New York City restaurant
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NYC has the nickname as the international food capital of the world. The city boasts a diverse variety of cuisines that cater to the dietary needs of people from around the world. The New York vegetarian scene has grown by leaps and bounds. It features no fewer than 64 vegan restaurants within a 5-mile radius of the city. Some popular vegetarian centers include Terri, P.S. Kitchen, Marty’s V Burgers, and VLife.

Great Places for Vegetarians

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The number of vegetarians is continually rising as awareness of the health benefits spreads. Industry leaders in the hospitality sector, including hoteliers, supermarket chains, food store outlets, and food carts are catching the wave.