Hotels play a vital role in building, enhancing, and growing the economic infrastructure of a country. They are leaders in the employment of local residents with millions of hotel properties and facilities all over the world. But luxury and amenities come with a price, and these hotels cater to the rich and famous as the wealthy expect privacy, seclusion, and magnificence.  

6. Grand Riad at the Royal Mansour

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Marrakech, Morocco

Coming in at number six is the hotel Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco. The charge for a one-night stay is $43,480 per night. The Grand Riad, favored by Moroccan royalty, opened in 1952. This amazing complex serves Mediterranean gourmet fare, while music flows from the piano bar. The health spa boasts massages using Argan oil. With 182 rooms and 23 full-service suites, they provide one of the best views in the city.

5. Hilltop Villa on Laucala Island

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The Hilltop Villa, located on Laucala Island, Fiji, comprises a massive four-acre villa multiplex that transcends traditional suites. This villa provides sweeping, unbroken views of Laucala Island. The accommodations are split into three primary villas. The opulent Villas Rua, Dua, and Delena are at the end of a secluded, private road in the mountainous region of the island. Villa Delena provides a master suite, which includes a living room, swimming pool, and an adjacent hot tub. Villa Dua offers two sliding-door chambers that separate the bathroom and sleeping quarters. Villa Rua is known to be a mid-sized villa; guests have a separate living room with a private pool. The villas and property cover 11,000 square miles, and an overnight stay is $45,000.

4. Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel New York

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New York City

The Ty Warner Penthouse, the crown jewel of New York City, offers a 360-degree city view. The spacious rooms include four glass balconies, which are set diagonally to afford the best view of the panoramic skyline. The penthouse bedroom has a private spa and an oversized rock crystal bathroom. The charge for one night in the Ty Warner Penthouse is $50,000.

3. Penthouse Suite at Hotel Martinez

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Cannes, France

The prestigious penthouse suite of Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France is $53,200 per night. The custom-designed suite delivers multiple rooms, marble bathrooms, large sitting areas for parties, and a wood-paneled terrace that overlooks the hotel’s private beach. Founded in 1929, Hotel Martinez was remodeled in 2018 with an Art Deco theme. Booked years in advance, it is a favorite of celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival.

2. Mark Penthouse Suite at the Mark Hotel

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New York City, New York

The Mark Penthouse Terrace Suite comes in at over 10,000 square feet, five bedrooms, and is the most extensive suite that a hotel can legally build. Covered by the rooftop terrace, this space bestows the sovereign feeling of a powerful king. The incredible amenities include a conservatory, library, grand piano, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four fireplaces, two wet bars, and two powder rooms. The price is a mere $75,000 per night.

1. Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson

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Geneva, Switzerland

The most expensive is the Hotel President Wilson located in Geneva, Switzerland. The Royal Penthouse embraces the entire eighth floor, and opulence is an understatement. The staggering views from the wrap-around terrace will make you dizzy. The vistas enfold the Alps and Lake Geneva, and a telescope is provided for starry nights. This room is equipped with all the luxury features, a grand piano in the living room, a rare book collection in the library, 12 lavish bedrooms, Jacuzzi facing the lake, walk-in dressing rooms, fitness gym, and a personal chef and chauffeur on-call 24/7. This hotel suite has everything a person wishes for at $80,000 per night.

For the wealthy, one can enjoy the life of a king, even when away from home. However, for most of us, this type of magnificent richness is beyond our wildest imagination and dreams. Yet, we can live vicariously through the images and hope that one day we will travel to these destinations to walk among these sumptuous hotels.

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