Having a good cup of coffee is one of the most important items on your to-do list whenever you travel. Every major city boasts that it has the finest elixirs known to man, but these seven coffee shops are on another level. If you’re looking for killer java with a great atmosphere, look no further.

La Fontaine De Belleville – Paris, France

Truly a flapper’s paradise, this Old World cafe opened in 2016 and quickly stole the hearts of Parisians and tourists alike. La Fontaine De Belleville is the brainchild of Belleville Brulerie, a well-known coffee bean provider throughout France. Owners Thomas Lehoux and David Nigel Flynn created the charming cafe to represent the vintage spirit of Paris. Patrons will enjoy a menu of carefully crafted beverages, mixed with a smoky ambiance that will leave you feeling like an artist on the brink of genius.

Heart Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon

Coffee is synonymous with hipster vibes, so it’s only natural that one of the best coffee shops on earth, Heart Coffee Roasters, is located in the hipster capital of the nation. The trendy cafe feels more like a buzzing creative office than a retail business, and you can find all sorts of people mingling over excellent cold brews and powerful espressos. In fact, one of their signature drinks is an expertly brewed espresso shot poured over a delicious scoop of coconut ice cream. The taste pleasantly captures sweeter tones than your average bitter shot.

Tim Wendelboe – Oslo, Norway

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Not only is every inch of the shop perfectly designed, but the coffee selections at Tim Wendelboe are constructed with equal precision. With exceptional light roasts and AeroPress brews, the experience is not one to be missed by coffee connoisseurs. Amidst an ordinary neighborhood in Oslo, even everyday citizens aren’t aware of the beautiful wood floors and contemporary drop ceilings hidden within the exterior stone walls of the location. Despite its humble nature, tons of visitors flock to the shop to order tasty iced cappuccinos, making Tim Wendelboe Norway’s arabica diamond in the rough.

Water Street Coffee – Kalamazoo, Michigan

First of all, there are three Water Street Coffee locations in the Kalamazoo area, but the best one is on Oakland Drive. Only a few short miles away from the popular Western Michigan University campus, this swank cafe offers a sense of the 1940s with inspired architecture and an eclectic menu. The cafe au lait is creamy and vibrant, and their Sleeping Bear Mocha will send you to dark chocolate heaven. There’s a huge variety of teas made from locally sourced Michigan fruits and herbs, and tons of entrees to sink your teeth into if you’re in the mood to nosh.

Fritz Coffee Company – Seoul, South Korea

K-pop and kimchi may reign supreme when it comes to Korean culture, but excellent coffee isn’t too far behind with the influence of Fritz Coffee Company in Seoul. Owned by the same team that runs the equally successful Coffee Libre, Fritz offers their patrons an immersive coffee experience by giving them the choice of how their drink is filtered, as well as selling beans that are sourced directly from their growers. Plus, every Thursday and Sunday at 6 p.m., the shop hosts cupping sessions for their guests, demonstrating how to taste their coffee like a true connoisseur.

Alana’s Coffee Roasters – Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles is home to numerous coffee shops with modish appeal, but for a stellar cup of joe, it’s best to venture outside of the Hollywood glitz and make a stop at Alana’s Coffee Roasters on Venice Boulevard. This neighborhood cafe offers a warm, friendly feeling as soon as you step inside. Artists from all crafts make up the spirited clientele. Owners Eric Stogsdill and Erin Ward serve a basic menu with innovative twists, such as a chipotle mocha or a Pirate’s Chai. There’s plenty of outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy the LA sunshine, and inside, everyone can view their top-of-the-line Diedrich Roaster as it roasts beans to perfection.

Cafe Tortoni – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founded by a French immigrant in 1858, Cafe Tortoni is a historic home for intellectuals, artists, writers, musicians, and everyday lovers of coffee. The inside is a blast from the past with aged brick and large wooden pillars rising towards a glass skylight. The ambiance is steeped in a blend of Parisian and South American culture. Along with Americanos and Sweet Cabrales coffees, one of their most coveted treats is the mouthwatering hot chocolate and churro combo.