While India is famous for architectural attractions like the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple of Amritsar, it has plenty of incredible natural scenery, too.

Throughout the more than 1 million (yes, million!) square miles of land in India, there are plenty of awe-inspiring natural wonders to discover. From technicolor sunsets above tea plantations to enchanted forests to soaring waterfalls among the clouds, these breathtaking photos of India’s natural landscapes are bound to stir your soul.

Tea Garden Hill, Munnar

Photo of a beautiful orange sunset above a vibrant green hillside
Credit: Pikoso.kz/ Shutterstock

While this photo may look like an idyllic computer-generated fantasy movie set, it’s actually a very real place in Munnar, a town located in India’s Kerala state. Formerly a resort for the British elite, this area remains popular with tourists and is known for its rolling hillsides and many tea plantations.

It’s also a stunning area to behold. As the sun sets over the lush yet orderly rows of plants in the tea plantations, the visual effect is a dazzling, technicolor delight.

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Photo of a massive mountain valley with a waterfall
Credit: ePhotocorp/ iStock

The Nohkalikai Falls are located in Cherrapunji, which is part of the state of Meghalaya. In Sanskrit, the word “Meghalaya” means "the abode of clouds.” This Indian state certainly lives up to the name with its heavenly views.

Perhaps nowhere else are the views as dramatic as the Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest plunging waterfall in India. Water meets sky at this towering, 1,100-plus-foot high natural wonder, with dramatic clouds framing the top of the green, mountainous landscape around the falls. At sunset, the vibrant colors of the sky contrast with the clouds and cast light on the water, making for an inimitable view.

Baikunthapur Forest, West Bengal

Photo of extremely tall trees taken from the bottom of the forest
Credit: Ron Ramtang/ Shutterstock.com

Located south of the Himalayan foothills, between the Mahananda and Teesta Rivers, the Baikunthapur Forest is considered a vital ecological zone in India. It is home to numerous types of plants and trees and wild elephants. It has historical roots, too. According to lore, Lord Krishna is said to have taken refuge in the forest.

It’s also a beautiful spot to see. The subtropical climate of the forest and three distinct seasons (summer, monsoon, and winter) make for lush and green surroundings that are unlike any other place in India. As you can see from this photo, the view from inside of the forest is dramatic, moody and soaring ... enough to make you feel humbled by Mother Nature!

Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal

Photo of tropical setting with blue water, palm trees, and boats on the shore
Credit: Roop_Dey/ Shutterstock

When you think of India, you probably think of its vibrant markets and bustling city streets. But did you know there are plenty of tropical island getaways in the country, too? One of the most stunning spots is the Andaman Islands.

These islands are an archipelago located between India and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. These islands aren’t necessarily the most accessible. While some are open to visitors, others cannot be entered by outsiders. However, it’s worth making the Andamans a destination because they offer amazing tropical climates and incredible views of pristine aqua water, shimmering shorelines, and gorgeous palm trees.

Indus River, Ladakh

Photo of a bright blue river running through yellow trees and mountains
Credit: Umesh Gogna/ iStock

The Indus River is one of Asia’s longest rivers, running through China, India, and Pakistan and boasting an annual flow about twice that of the Nile River.

One of the most striking spots along its route is the Ladakh region, which spans the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a sparsely populated place but is known for its beautiful mountains. The area around the river is a pristine natural landscape, acting as a home to numerous plants and animals and offering some awe-inspiring views of the river.

Every Picture Tells A Story

Photo of an Indian temple surrounded by lush greenery
Credit: SoumenNath/ iStock

India is a fascinating country for both its culture and geography. For nature lovers, the diverse natural landscape makes it a beautiful place to behold. Whether you’re seeking out dramatic waterfalls, gorgeous sunsets or incredible island views, India’s got it all!