Have you ever been to a new place where you feel lost and in awe? Visiting Redwood National Park in Northern California is an opportunity to be among trees that existed during the time of Christ. Redwood National Park is known worldwide as the home of the tallest trees in the world, and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly. The park is open to tourists year-round, and entrance is free. A visit to the park convinces you that the reserve offers more than trees. Find out what makes Redwood National Park a unique place and how to make your stay memorable.

About Redwood National Park

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Located along the Northern California coast, Redwood became a national park in October 1968. The park sits on 131,983 acres of land with about 5,939 acres under water. Redwood is home to the tallest trees on Earth, with average heights of 300 feet. And you don't get that tall in a short period of time: The average age of the redwood trees is between 500-700 years, with a few documented to be 2,000 years old. The park has about 380 different campsites and four campgrounds available for tourists, with three of the four campgrounds open all year.

Famous for its redwood trees, Redwood National Park also has Sitka Spruce trees, salmonberries, and the red alders that line the entire coastal region. The redwood trees do not cover the entire coastal area because of its intolerance to the drying effect of the coastal salt. This gives way to the Sitka Spruce trees lining most of the coastal areas. The national park is the home to over 40 different mammals and over 400 bird species. Redwood Park has many beaches and numerous trails that provide visitors with lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

How to Get to Redwood National Park

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If traveling by air, the nearest large airports to Redwood National Park are in Sacramento and San Francisco. You can connect a flight to any of the adjacent cities of Santa Rosa, McKinleyville, or Crescent City.

Traveling by road remains the loveliest way to get to the Redwood National Park. If you are coming from either the north or south, follow U.S. Highway 101. If driving from the northeast, enter on U.S. Highway 199.

Top Attraction Sites and Outdoor Activities

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This park is home to the largest living coastal redwood tree, which stands 379.1 feet and was discovered in August 2006. Named the Hyperion, meaning The High One, it lives in a remote part of the park. Naturalist Steve Sillett pegs the redwood at a young 600 years of age, which is about 20 in human years. While you might not have the time to cover all the beautiful places in Redwood National Park during your stay, this selection is worth your attention:

  • Tall Trees Groove
  • Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail
  • Fern Canyon
  • Endert’s Beach
  • Crescent Beach
  • Klamath River
  • Battery Point Lighthouse and Museum
  • Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway
  • Drive-Thru Tree Park
  • Coastal Drive

Redwood National Park provides tourists the perfect opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. These include camping, hiking tours, bicycling, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and guided kayaking. For the more serene among us, the many trails and beaches in and around the Redwoods, coupled with the large expanse of land, make for a striking scenic walk.


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There is no accommodation facility at Redwood apart from the four camping grounds. It would be best to make adequate provisions for your stay. Securing accommodations around the park can be challenging, especially during the summer time. There are many hotels, cabins, motels, and lodges around the park if you choose not to camp. It is advisable to book your lodging months ahead of your planned visit. If you choose to camp, be sure you get to the park during the daytime before it closes for the evening. In addition, the camping fees cover the permits for backcountry camping.

What to Bring Along

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Regardless of the time of the year, according to National Park Service, it is advisable you pack clothes ideal for the rainy season. Bring hiking boots or sturdy waterproof shoes and rain gear. If you plan to visit during the winter, bring hats and dress in warm layers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Redwood National Park

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Are There Restaurants Within the Park?

There are no restaurant or meal facilities within the park. You can purchase food from nearby communities.

May I Bring My Pets?

Yes, pets are allowed, though they have limited access to areas within the park. Contact the park for more details.

What is the Weather Like at Redwood Park?

Due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, the average temperature at the National Park is between 40F to 60F.

Redwood National Park is a place filled with interesting and memorable scenery. To get the most from your visit, plan ahead and prepare to be impressed with nature’s grandeur.

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