Travel around the globe and you’re sure to find yourself faced with road signs that you have never seen before. No matter how long you stare at them, you’re left dumbfounded as to what they could mean.

Take a virtual road trip down the streets and highways of nations around the globe and see if you can determine what these most bizarre road signs are telling you.

Sled Crossing Road Sign, Greenland

Sled crossing sign in Greenland depicting a dog sled on a red and white triangle
Credit: Kim Hansen / CC BY-SA 4.0

There are plenty of things we have to be wary of when driving down quiet, empty roads. Deer crossing, cow crossing, and donkey crossing are all common warning signs that drivers have seen at one point or another. In Greenland, there is a very different problem to be mindful of, and that is crossing sleds. What makes it even more quirky is that this road sign isn’t referring to children enjoying some sled time on the crisp snows. This particular warning is in reference to dog sleds, which are fairly common in the icy nation.

Coastal Path Sign, Ireland

Road sign in Ireland depicting a wavy pattern on a blue and brown background
Credit: gabriel12 /

Some road signs can be inferred based on the imagery or wording used. Others, like this blue and white sign spotted in Ireland, require a bit of thought. The jagged lines could indicate a bumpy road or sharp rocks, but neither of these answers is accurate. What it does refer to are the coastal paths that line the nation’s emerald green terrains. The use of blue, in this case, represents water while the jagged lines represent the uneven pathways. One of the more popular paths the symbol is used for is the Wild Atlantic Way, a trail that runs along the west, north, and south coasts of Ireland.

Changed Priorities Ahead, Great Britain

Road sign in Britain that says "Changed Priorities 50 yards ahead"
Credit: Srah Photography /

If ever there was an indication that maybe it’s time to rethink your goals, it would definitely be Britain’s “Changed Priorities Ahead” sign. Much like the common stop sign, this unusual warning is designed to catch the driver’s attention, and with good reason. “Changing priorities” means that there is a change in the road layout. It may refer to a change in traffic signal sequence or a dead-end road that requires a left or right turn. In general, priority signs, which include stop signs, indicate when there is a change in the order vehicles should pass through an intersection.

Physically Impossible Entry, Spain

A white road sign that states "Physically impossible entry" above a red circle
Credit: Giorgiomonteforti / Public Domain

Travel down the roads of Granada, Spain, and you’ll find a road sign that almost seems to be challenging you. The simple white sign typically sports a red circle, black triangles, and what appears to be an arbitrary number. At the top, the words “Physically Impossible Entry” are printed in black. Where some countries will just use “No Entry” signs, Spaniards want to stress just how impossible entry would be. In this case, “physically impossible” is about as impossible as things can get. The intention is to prevent tourists from entering streets that cars cannot fit onto.

Suicidal Deer, United States

Two deer on a road surrounded by trees
Credit: Sean Thomforde /

In 2016, a town in Mitchell County, Iowa, saw the emergence of a morbid and quite curious road sign. The sign proclaimed “Suicidal Deer” to those driving toward it. While it may have looked like a prank at first, the sign, which showed up on Highway 105, was the work of the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors. Though residents were less than pleased about the sign, with one stating it “makes it look like a joke,” Mitchell County Supervisor Stan Walk stands by it, stating “it’s an effective way to explain we have some issues [in Iowa].”

Signage You’ve Never Seen

Credit: AlenaPaulus / iStock

Being a world traveler means understanding as much as possible about different countries. Between languages and food choices, there was already enough to worry about. Now, you can add unusual road signs to the list.