If you've ever forgotten that "pub" is short for "public house," the Poacher's Arms is here to remind you in a most unique way. The rustic establishment in quiet Hope, England, doesn't just serve drinks anymore — it hosts overnight guests.

With nine double en-suite bedrooms packed with bunk beds, the pub is now open for business as a kind of Airbnb for anyone who wants to make it their own for the night. A stay at the Poacher's Arms doesn't come cheap — the price tag is between £3,000 and £5,000 for a two-night stay, which comes out to around $4,000–$6,500 — but given that it's meant to be shared by large groups, the price per person could be as low as $104 each per night.

Courtesy of Sky Cottages

And before you ask, yes — that princely sum does include full access to the bar, including the taps, making it ideal for revelry in the vein of bachelor parties and family reunions. Also part of the deal — a game room (air hockey, anyone?), two living rooms, a giant kitchen, an enclosed hot tub, nine bedrooms and bathrooms, a garden patio featuring a barbecue, and classy furnishings throughout the entire property. There's even a washing machine.

What you're really paying for is the experience, of course. Few of us have ever been so lucky as to go straight from having a pint or two at the pub into bed without even hailing a cab, making this a kind of all-inclusive mini-resort. Just be sure not to have too many — you wouldn't want to forget something as unique as this.