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Everyone loves candy. It doesn’t matter if you’re four or 92 years old, the sweet, sugary goodness of a candy bar just can’t be beat. America might be called the land of opportunity, but there are certainly some opportunities that we’re missing out on. Here are the best candy bars that you can't find in the U.S.

Bake N’ Tasty Kit Kat

Kit Kat chocolate bar
Credit: aperturesound/ Shutterstock

It’s hard to go anywhere in the U.S. without finding Kit Kats, but did you know that there are actually dozens of flavors of Kit Kats that aren't sold in the States? Kit Kats are especially popular in Japan where they enjoy flavors such as soy sauce, green tea, fruit parfait, and baked potato. Perhaps, the best Kit Kat though is the Bake N’ Tasty Kit Kat.

The Bake N’ Tasty Kit Kat isn’t meant to be eaten while you’re waiting to check out at the local grocery store. It’s designed to be taken home and toasted! In the oven, the candy bar turns into a sort of chocolate-flavored biscuit with a caramel crust and the signature wafer inside.


Up close view of chocolate balls showing view of airy interior
Credit: Alta Oosthuizen/ Shutterstock

The Aero chocolate bar was created by Nestle back in 1935. Although it might look like a regular chocolate bar on the outside, it’s the inside that makes it unique. Nestle uses a secret process to capture air bubbles inside of the chocolate bar — giving it an airy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Somehow, the candy never gained popularity in the U.S., but has had success in the U.K., Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

Ovomaltine Chocolate Bar

Ovomaltine Chocolate in orange packaging
Credit: rafastockbr/ Shutterstock

Do you remember drinking Ovaltine as a kid? Ever wish that you could have that chocolatey flavor in a candy bar? Perhaps you should try the Ovomaltine chocolate bar. Ovomaltine, also known as Ovaltine in the U.S., is a Swiss company that makes malted milk treats. The Ovalmaltine chocolate bar is light, malty, and still has all the nutrients of the nostalgic drink. Unfortunately for American candy-lovers, this treat can be found only in Europe.

Elite Milk Chocolate Bar With Popping Candy

Chocolate bars stacked in candy shop with visible pieces and candies inside chocolate
Credit: Song_about_summer/ Shutterstock

The manufacturing team at Israel’s most popular chocolate producer, Elite, wondered what would happen if you put Pop Rocks inside of a chocolate bar. The Elite milk chocolate bar with popping candy is just that. In every bite of delicious chocolate, you’ll get a sweet, popping surprise. It’s the most beloved candy bar in Israel.

Ferrero Pocket Coffee

Traditional Ferrero chocolate package with pocket coffee pieces inside
Credit: Claudio Divizia/ Shutterstock

Ferrero already produces many popular U.S. treats like the Ferrero Rocher chocolate-covered hazelnuts alongside delicious Nutella products, but one treat they’re holding out on us is the Ferrero Pocket Coffee.

Ferrero Pocket Coffee is a small, bite-sized piece of chocolate with a liquid espresso center. If you don’t have time for a cup of coffee, three of these tasty treats are equal to one cup of espresso! Just make sure to have your napkin handy. The liquid center can be surprising upon first bite. Unfortunately for U.S. coffee-lovers, Ferrero Pocket Coffee can be found only in Italy and a few surrounding countries.


White tray of chocolate covered banana treats placed beside almonds and mint leaves
Credit: NoirChocolate/ Shutterstock

This unique treat was first created in Norway in 1957. For over 50 years, the recipe and the machine that makes them hasn’t changed. Krembanan literally translates to Cream Banana. It’s a chocolate treat with a jelly and banana cream filling. The fun part is that it’s even shaped like a banana!

Túró Rudi Bars

A Turo Rudi bar unwrapped and broken in half
Credit: aurin/ CC BY-SA 2.5

If you’re looking for a truly unique candy bar, you should head to Turkey to try the popular Túró Rudi Bar. The candy bar was invented in 1954. It was originally a chocolate bar filled with cottage cheese. Over time, the cottage cheese was replaced with a filling that had a longer shelf life, but kept the original flavor. Túró also makes other flavors of the Rudi Bar including raisin and peanut butter.

Lacta 5Star

Lacta chocolate bar packaging showing details and shiny reflective surface
Credit: rafapress/ Shutterstock

Lacta 5Star is a Brazilian chocolate bar filled with caramel and crunchy wafer bits. Not only is the candy bar delicious, but it also features a darkly humorous ad campaign that turned out to be a worldwide hit.

Turkish Delight Bar

Turkish delight bars lined up in a pile of all different flavors
Credit: Faraways/ Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” you might be familiar with Turkish Delight. FRY’s Turkish Delight bar has a soft jelly center surrounded by milk chocolate. Health-conscious snackers love the Turkish Delight bar because it has 60% less fat compared to typical chocolate bars. The tasty treat hasn’t made its way to the U.S., but has had long-lasting popularity in the U.K.