Once the snow begins to fall and the winter chill sets in, all the rich and famous head to the mountains to some of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world. In these winter wonderlands, you can find five-star amenities that rival any of the world’s best hotels. If you’re looking for a new vacation spot, crack open your piggy bank and check out the most expensive ski resorts in the world.

5. Almhof Schneider Resort, Austria

Brightly lit ski resort town adjacent to a snowy mountain, Lech, Austria
Credit: Angela Cini/ Shutterstock

The Almhof Schneider Resort is nestled into the mountains of Lech, Austria. The property was bought by the Schneider family in 1451 and was used as a farm. At the time, skiing probably hadn’t been much of a leisure activity. As the sport gained popularity, more and more people flocked to the pristine ski slopes of the Schneider farm. In 1929, some of the rooms in the old farmhouse were converted to guest rooms to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

Today, the resort is still owned by the Schneider family. The five-star hotel has 53 ultra-luxurious rooms and suites. If you want to visit during prime season, it’s going to cost you no less than $2,345 per night to stay in one of the suites. If you have kids, there will be an extra charge. On the bright side, childcare, breakfast, and dinner is included in the room price. The hotel is a three-minute walk to the ski lift.

4. Suvretta House Resort, Switzerland

Dusk winter view of the worldwide famous ski resort of St. Moritz, Graubunden, Switzerland
Credit: stefanopolitimarkovina/ iStock

For more than 100 years, the Suvretta House Resort has offered top-of-the-line dining, shopping, and lodging for winter-sports enthusiasts visiting the beautiful Swiss mountains. The hotel has more than 250 rooms, several of them premier suites that cost more than $3,500 per night!

The hotel is located about a mile from St. Moritz and offers free shuttles to the town. For those who would rather stay in one, warm place, the Suvretta House has an elegant restaurant, indoor pool, spa, and several boutiques. A private ski lift will take visitors from the hotel directly to the slopes.

3. Aurelio Lech Ski Resort, Austria

River running through Lech Arlberg Village in winter
Credit: Angela Cini/ Shutterstock

Situated in the exclusive Lech Arlberg ski area, the Aurelio Lech Ski Resort is a five-star hotel that offers every luxury you could imagine. Of course, the nearby slopes offer some of the best skiing possible, but the resort itself offers several fine-dining options with world-class chefs, plenty of shopping, and spa treatments. For those who want to go out and about, Aurelio Lech offers a limo service made up of a fleet of Bentleys and even helicopter transport.

If you want the most luxurious accommodations available, you should stay in one of the deluxe suites. These rooms are 1,184 square feet and offer a whirlpool tub, private terrace, and incredible landscape views. Staying in one of these rooms will set you back about $6,176 per night.

2. Les Suites de la Potiniere, France

Courchevel, France. Cable car lifting people to the top of the ski mountain
Credit: Andrius Kaziliunas/ iStock

Located at the foot of the Courcheval 1850 ski slopes, Les Suites de la Potiniere is the peak of luxury with 15 different suites that offer pristine views of the mountain landscape. The hotel also offers a spa, several bars, and a ski shop.

One of the suites is a massive four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment. This incredible suite has almost 5,000 square feet of living space, jacuzzi tubs, a modern fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, and a private balcony to enjoy the mountain views night or day. If you want to stay there during prime skiing season, you will have to bring along $10,300 per night.

1. Carlton Hotel, Switzerland

The Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland in winter
Credit: Tschuggen Hotel Group/ Wikimedia

If you want your vacation home to be bigger than your real home, consider the Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The Carlton is a five-star resort in the Engadine mountains overlooking lake St. Mortiz. The hotel offers some of the best skiing in the world for adrenaline junkies, and for those in your party who prefer a more relaxing winter retreat, they can spend their time in the two acclaimed restaurants or the spa.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, the Carlton Penthouse offers 4,000 square feet of living space with three bedrooms, walk-in dressing rooms, a gourmet kitchen with state-of-the art appliances, and five terraces offering 360-degree views of the pristine landscape. If you’d like, a private chef will come to your room and cook Swiss delicacies upon request. These “meager” accommodations will set you back around $16,000 per night during prime season.